Code Of Conduct | Code Of Conduct Meaning | Code Of Conduct Rules | ENGLISH

 Code Of Conduct | Code Of Conduct Meaning | Code Of Conduct Rules | ENGLISH

You must have heard about the code of conduct if you came here. And since the announcement of the Lok Sabha elections everyone wants to know about The Code Of Conduct and, Since then, Code of Conduct has remained in the discussion, in India if any law imposes restrictions on something, then that law becomes Eve. Even if it is a straightforward law. Something similar is the code of conduct, it is also called ‘ideal code of conduct’ in other words.

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                                     We(Indians) are always eager to know any law. And we are also famous for breaking laws. So let us know today that what is the ideal code of conduct? What are its rules? And when it comes into enforcement? And what is its duration?

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                    (1) .What is it? Model Code of Conduct

From the date of announcement of the dates of elections, till the end of the last phase of elections, a set of rules made by the Election Commission (for positively presented polls), called a code of conduct or a model code of conduct. On the encroachment of these rules, the Election Commission has also made provisions for various penalties.

Model Code of Conduct 

Model Code of Conduct Regarding loudspeakers

As soon as the Model Code of Conduct comes into force, from that time the loudspeakers engaged in any place, whether they are in vehicles or in any meeting they will play on the same instructions and they will be closed for those who have been made for them by Election Commission.

In rural areas

Loudspeakers can be used in the rural areas starting from 6 a.m. till 11 pm.

In urban areas

Loudspeakers can be played at 10 o’clock in the urban areas starting from 6 o’clock

(A). Laws of Model Code of Conduct for Chief Ministers of the Province

(1). The chief minister of the state, will not be able to do any government tour of the state till the Model Code of Conduct is in force.

(2). If the Model Code of Conduct is proclaimed then A chief minister can not start any scheme or project.

(3). The Chief Minister of the province will not be able to accept any kind of grant or acceptance fund from the discretionary fund due to the Model Code of Conduct.

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(B). Model Code of Conduct for the Ruling Party

(1). Any such event by government money that is for a common or special benefit to a political party is prohibited by the Election Commission.

(2). The Ruling party which is in government, Can not use the Government helicopters, Car for the sake of their party or for any good reason.

(3). (3). The party in power will not show its monopoly on the helipads so that other parties have not faced problems.

(4). The Ruling party who is in government can not use the bungalows or rest house for publicity unless the Model Code of Conduct is in force.

(5). The Ruling Party cannot use government money for their campaign.

(6). The transfer of government officers cannot be done before the Election Commission’s prior approval.

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(C). Model Code of Conduct for Government Officials

(1). Those officers who are being served will not be able to participate in any program organized by any gathering or any political party.

(2). There will be no discrimination when giving any political party the place for their booking.

(3).Those officers who are participating in the election will not give their services to ministers going for the sake of their party for election or they will not go with them.

(D). Model Code of Conduct for Political Parties

(1). Political parties should not be involved in any such activity, in which there is a dispute between the religions or spread hatred.

(2). Religious sites or places will not be used for the promotion of any party.

(3). They will not be given a bribe or greed to get the votes of the people. 

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E). Rules of Model Code of Conduct relating to political rallies

(1). Political parties give every detail of the route and time of the beginning and the end of their election rallies to the police.

(2). If two political rallies are going on the same path on one day, it is very necessary to inform the police in advance about the time.

(3). Do not use prohibited things.


(F). Rules of Model code of conduct for the day of voting

(1). Those electoral activists who are authorized will have their own name and post’s identity card.

(2). Until the voting day or almost 24 hours before that, there is no distribution of liquor to anyone, where there is voting.

(3). Do not allow crowding conditions on voting camps on the day of voting, and if you drive a vehicle that day, then keep a permit.

Punishment for candidates for encroachment of Model Code of Conduct

There are different sentences for different things. An FIR can be registered on candidates, done on the first mistake, and if still wrong, then they will also be disqualify against the election. 

 Code Of Conduct | Code Of Conduct Meaning | Code Of Conduct Rules | ENGLISH



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