English | How To Avoid Bro Zone With A Girl | How To Escape Brother Zone | How To Get Out Of Bhaiya Zone

English | How To Avoide Bro Zone With A Girl | How To Escape Brother Zone | How To Get Out Of Bhaiya Zone 

Whatever place you are in, whether it is any place your classroom, office, market or society. You get in touch with  womens. And they mainly addresses you as ‘Bhaiya’. This is very unbearable for you. But you listen quietly. Because you are afraid. This is exactly the same type of fear. As in today’s era, if someone starts speaking against the ruling party. It seems to be called “anti-national”. Do you think. That if you said anything then you would  be called “character Less”. As long as you are afraid of it  your problem will be remain the same.

                                                                      I have barely faced one or two times with this problem. Let me share my story with you. once upon a time, I was sitting in the class room. Then some girls came there and I was probably reading a religious treatise. I do not remember which And Rakshabandhan was the day after that day. Those girls started talking for a while. By then one of them asked me to tease that tomorrow is Rakshabandhan. “What gifts will you bring to us.” I said that I have never said that “You are my sister” she said, “do not say so, then say,” I said, “I do not see sister in you. they said “Why”. I said, ” If I will make all the beautiful girls as my sister, than whom I will marry,” they began to laugh. after a little peace,one of them said “It’s okay. We will bring Rakhi tomorrow “I said,” Karwa Chauth is also coming. Be prepared for Mangalasutra too😝😝😝😝

I had won And the boys who were scared. who call me “Character Les”, they were standing with me and now  I would say that “you have to do the initiate.” 

 Below are some points that will help you.


1. Be serious.


Serve seriously in such situations. If you do not want a relationship imposed by her. Tell her in a right proper way. And if possible, your tone will fine that she does not feel bad. And it would be better.if your way to say is creative.

  2. Do not react too much.



If any girl asks you any opinion on any topic. So do not react too much. The less you  speak. The same will increase in your honor.

 3. Say “No” With Self-confidence


  If you do not want  a relationship with them, then you have to Say  ‘No’ With confidence. 

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   4. Focus on yourself.

Focus on your personality. Make it so that people have to think about how to talk before talking to you.

  5. Consider

Think,  Why  you were addressed like this, correct the thing that you think should be changed.

 6. Don’t Wait For Becoming A Habit

  Stop them at their first time. Do not wait to become a habit. Because if you did not stop her today, tomorrow Her friend would talk to you from this same address. 

 7. Become a part of the fun, not a Joker.

Sometimes girls just say brother to create fun. So I would say that you became part of fun but to a limit.Stop them before coming to a limit. 

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How To Avoide Bro Zone With A Girl | How To Escape Brother Zone | How To Get Out Of Bhaiya Zone | Hindi 

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