English |How To Escape The Brother Zone | Avoid Bro-Zone | Bro zone | True Story| Part 2

English |How To Escape The Brother Zone | Avoid Bro-Zone | Bro zone | True Story| Part 2

 You must have read an article on this before. And because its requirement is getting very much today. You may have been harassed somewhere, you may also become a free of cost brother of a girl . And you may have lost your mind. But someone will not call you the “Character less”, so that you will be silent. But you can deal with it in a different way. Just a couple of days ago i did that, I share a script with you. In my classroom, this kind of incident happened with me. Well it was a deliberate conspiracy. A impostor girl said something, I ignored his talk, he threatened to hear me once or else I would say “brother”. At that time I let go of it. The next time he again told me “brother” that it became unbearable for me. I said to her, ” sister-in-law” 😹😹😂😂 I said that and she became red yellow in anger. “From Which relation I’m  your sister-in-law?” I just waited for this. I said and “From which relation with you i am  your brother”😜😜 So I won this half of the fight. But there was a lot left over.

हिन्दी |How To Escape The Brother Zone | Avoide Bro-Zone | Bro zone | True Story| Part 2 | Aditya Philosophical 

The next period was of our Principal. When he came in class,the girl  complaints to the Principal to give me shock. And puts a number of kinds of accusations, according to which I was declared a ‘Character less”. I was sitting quietly. Now my turn  principal gives me a chance to present my side. I had understood that if I lose here then it is decided that am “Character less”. The little brain fought and I stood in my place and started speaking, “Sir, you are standing here I think i do not deserve to argue in any way.Even i did’t found myself eligible standing before you. Whatever order you give, it will be my paramount duty to disobey me, not in the rituals of my Guardians”. I said that and madam(that girl) thinks she has also did the final nail in the coffin. and she also feels the winning fragrance. And I started speaking further “and the same Guardians  had instructed me that “son!! Always make relationship and friendships with civilized,cultural and attentive , simple, respected and creative kinsman. Today, there is no faith in the world. Now how can i know she belongs to which society which kind of she is?.But Sir I can not let you down if you say  I will call her  my sister I am ready to give up, but I want to first tell that, in Indian culture, ‘brother’ is a very rude and vicious person, and if she wants to become my sister, then give me her smartphone. I do not want to keep my sister smartphones because she is very straightforward and anyone can betray her and a lot through this, and she can go on the wrong path. If anyone there want to be my sister. Do the Same. “Then I asked her is she still  wants to be my sister? She made a face😂😂😂😂 and once again I won.

You have to do the same or else you will continue to be oppressed. And then I am of this sidethat No relationship can be made with forced.

English |How To Escape The Brother Zone | Avoide Bro-Zone | Bro zone | True Story| Part 2

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