How To Deal With Cheating Girlfriend | What Should I Do If My Girlfriend Cheated On Me | Advice On Cheating | English

How To Deal With Cheating Girlfriend | What Should I Do If My Girlfriend Cheated On Me | Advice On Cheating |English

So, My Brother, You got cheated. Electricity bills, college assignments, job worries, Papa’s Everyday lectures and now there is new trouble, Your Sweetheart, Babu, Honey-bunny or whatever you call her, has someone else in her life. When don’t ” I beat him with my boys(the first thought comes in your brain)” But wait, the hero with your inner TV serial good boy image awakes. And you say “Let him do whatever she has to do.” she can to do whatever she wants.” Now another idea came. Oh, I am handsome, I will flirt with someone else and made her jealous. And you feel the new energy in your body. And you took a bath and applied new hair wax and comes out with your old bike. And it seems so. As if today, Queen Cleopatra will get married to you. After wandering days of 10-12 days, you find a girl. Which is absolutely out of your budget Then you every day starts to revolve around his house. And gradually the money of your piggy bank gets stuck in petrol. And one day comes that you just going to be bankrupt. By being bankrupt you think. Why not I propose her before getting bankrupt. And You go to propose her, come back after being rejected.

 Now the matter starts from there. You bethink about your Ex-Girlfriend. Seeing any of his posts or stories on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, the Agni dev (Fire Angel) starts appearing in your chest. Now you have a problem. That what you do. And believe that this is not just a problem for You, But many more. And today we will talk about dealing with this problem.

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1. Control yourself

After all these things, you are broken. Do not you understand what you do? Don’t ignore face it. it will make you experienced. It’s not easy.

                                                                                                                                                                                        But brother, you have to do this. If you face it then you will gain experience for life ahead of which you will be given a lot of work. Then you do anything. It’s right to cry, but you have to face it.

2. Love Is Not Everything

Understand one thing. That’s what you are sitting with  Bollywood illness. It’s not everything. It’s just so far until your stomach is full. When you are hungry, you have to eat, love is not your first priority then. At that time, there will be no romantic film, no love or deceit in your heart, only anger will come and the food is your basic need.

There are many more things in the world. If you did not do it right now. You will lag behind. And today your mother-father is feeding you. Tomorrow you may not even be able to earn the two-time food for them.

3. Do Not Think About Taking Revenge.

After all this, the first thing that will come in your mind will be. “I will revenge her I will force her to beg for life, I will burn her house, I will do it, I will do that blah blah blah………..”

This will only fill you with a passion for a little time, but surely, you give it a very big part of your life in exchange for this. And let’s get that opportunity comes and you will take your revenge from her.  You will have a little lousy satisfaction which will be for a very short time. And after that, it is sure that you will be crying inside. And then you will understand that you worked hard for this lousy thing and lost your very precious time in doing this worthless thing.

 4. Kill the idiot inside

Kill the idiot inside yourself first who does not leave you ahead of these things. For this, I will tell you that you go towards spirituality. I do not mean to say that you fall into the dilemma of Neem-Hakim Baba.

Many such spiritual texts may be eating dust, in your house, Srimadbhagwadgita, Ramcharitmanas, Quran Sharif, Holy Bible. You start reading them gradually. Now some philosophers will say, “We do not want to be reading this Baba.” So do not do that, you are God’s Prophet himself.Who i am to advise you.

5. Change things slowly 

 Gradually you have to get  separated from her. Yeah, it is very difficult. But it is important that you do this. You can not force any relationship, it will be better if you start  increasing the distances slowly.

Because if you seperate suddenly. There are very strong chances that you will be dippresed or you probably give your life a great shock that  you can not afford.

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6. Carve your talents.

This is the right time. Because at this time your mind can create things and incourage yourself. Now give time to your talent. And turn to a bright future. 

7. Start privacy in your things.

As soon as you came to know that she is cheating with you. Gradually start making your things private. Because the things which were still between you and her. Now she revolves around the third.

Because your madam will heartily tell them to her new boyfriend. And unfortunately it will insult you and people will make fun of you.

8. Go towards your goals.

Now pay attention to the fulfillment of your goals. Because now your age of childhood movements has gone and responsibilities are coming upon you. You better understand. It’s not too late . If you used to waste time in such a way, then you will definitely delay it. 

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How To Deal With Cheating Girlfriend | What Should I Do If My Girlfriend Cheated On Me | Advice On Cheating |English


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