How To Deal With Your Competitor In Love | Competitor Analysis | Types Of Competitors | English

 How To Deal With Your Competitor In Love | Competitor Analysis | Types Of Competitors | English

Competitors are everywhere. Everyone likes good things, everybody is attracted to getting them. In every field, you will get to see their(Competitors) existence. And sometimes they also become a source of worry for you. Your Competitor does not want to leave her and you have already joined him so much that you do not want to be separated. The situation is that both of you come to the world war or atomic attack. But the problem is that your parents have to suffer from this.



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  Sometimes your opponent has more power and political access than you. And at any time he can destroy you. But you still face him. And you Get insulted. Let’s first know what is a competitor?

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                                    What is a Competitor?

The meaning of the competitor is from such individual or individuals who compete for the same task. And make great efforts to make their partner look weak. 

                                What is  Modern Competitor?

The modern competitor is the one who does not let you even feel that he is competing with you directly. And with his diplomatic moves, he keeps obstacles in getting your goals.



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                              Types Of Competitors


Today, you will find a variety of competing opponents who interfere in your work and prove their work, in which the three main types I am telling here.


  (A). Short Period Rival

These types of opponents come into your area without studying too much. For some time they work with huge power. But very soon they get discouraged and go back to their path.

(B) Long-term Rival

  This type of competitor comes in your area by studying in depth. Primarily they pretend to be friendly to you. And they do not let you know that they are also in competition. This type of opponent lasts for a long time and you are in dire straits. 

(C). Rajoguni Rival

This type of opponent is not as indoctrinated on its advantages, as much as they do to your loss. They just come in that area so that they can harm you. There is a saying in rural areas –

     “The cat will not eat, but must spoil.”

  Such rivals act on this principle. They are not as relevant to their own advantage.

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How to deal with your competitors in love affairs?


It is not good to compete in love affairs. But some people have made such a quarrel today. Sometimes when two men want the same woman. Then a competition takes place among them, and sometimes the woman gets the benefit. So let’s learn how to deal with your competitors.

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(1). Do not make enemies.

  You must have heard that your true friend can be your biggest enemy because your friend can harm you more than your enemy. So I will recommend you to become his friend and tell you to keep tracking of his mind.

 if you remain a friend, then you will know about his next movements so that you can easily disable him. 

(2). Away from disputes.

Do not dispute with any competitor because no woman will want to be with whom she is in love affairs.He is trapped in any battle dispute or debate.

  And on the day that he wants to go to a public place with him, he must not face such incidents.

(3). Learn Politics

Where you have fewer resources, politics can only lead you to success. And if you want to have a good relationship with your competitor too. So politics is a very important place in it. If you are a teen, then you will find these things inappropriate.You must be thinking that the author should strangle.

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(4). Do not give up trying.

  Do not give up trying. I can say that if you keep trying, then you will reach somewhere, on the contrary, if you stop the effort, then you will stay where you stayed. 

 (5). Do not be afraid of disasters.

If you start any new work then problems will come, there will be troubles. In this regard, the text says –

                                     “Padam Padam Yad Vidyam Na Tesham”

This world is full of calamities. There will be problems at the step step, and you have to be prepared for them in advance.

(6). Outer Show Off

Learn the show of. If you are weak, show yourself strong Vishnugupta has also spoken on this deeply if you wish to see his book.

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