How To Get A Boyfriend In College | Get A Boyfriend | How To Get A Boyfriend At 14 | How To Get A Boyfriend In Middle School 6th Grade | ENGLISH

How To Get A Boyfriend In College | Get A Boyfriend | How To Get A Boyfriend At 14 | How To Get A Boyfriend In Middle School 6th Grade | ENGLISH


The word boyfriend is of your work. If you are in college, or in that age of age, there are new changes in the human body. And you start attracting from men. It is normal to be like this and even, it turns out that all your hormones are functioning properly. And you are normal. 

When it comes to the teenage, it seems to you that you are not perfect. And you are looking for a man with whom you can get involved in mental and physical form and you can share your happiness with him. Because at this time you find your basic needs. If you are in India They(Your Family) will not accept your boyfriend easily.

                                                                                              If they are suspicious of you, that you are stuck in the clutches of Cupid, then their first step will be to snatch your phone, then your college will stop going and slowly You will be banned by your new days of restrictions.

                     But like the queen of Jhansi, you will face all these tortures with all the bravery and power and keep in touch with your boyfriend in some way. But even before this thing comes. How do you make a perfect boyfriend? Today we will learn this here. First, you know what is a boyfriend? 



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                        What is a boyfriend?

Boyfriend refers to a man who is familiar or lover, with whom any woman or woman is involved in physical, romantic, and sexually. Most of this relationship is of short duration, but according to the desire, people change it in other relationships too. Now know How? to get a good boyfriend.


 What to do?

(1). Make yourself positive.

 Everyone like Positive people. On the contrary, those who have negative thinking like I can not find it, I have been robbed, I am very upset, People start cutting corners from such people.

Because today people have different problems of their own. People do not want their problems to increase by being with you them. Remember, you would not like yourself to be such a person who is always disturbed.

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2) Maintain Feminism

If you are a girl, first of all, keep in mind that you have to look like a girl, some girls whose personality sometimes looks like men. The boys keep a little distance from them. Let me tell you my true story….. 

                                            “Once, I was traveling somewhere in the bus, the bus stopped on a crossroads and some people got off and some people come in. One of them, who, according to my experience, would be a wealthy and happy family. She came and sat on my seat. As soon as sitting, she saw time in his  iPhone “1:22 Oh I am late.” After seeing a clock in her hand I understood that maybe she would try to show off. Then she took some samosas from their pouch and started eating like a demon, and in so many cases when the flame of their stomach did not calm down, they pulled out the packets of two chips from that bag And started eating with the dirty  hand with them, and within 5 minutes she finished both the packets. I thought that the program is now finished, It was only after half an hour that she got constipation, and now the game started, I started feeling the holy aroma around me. and started thinking that if I had stayed on this front for a long time, of course, I will become unconscious. At that time the Lord’s karma was upon me and God gave me the fruit of my old virtuous deeds. The next two seats were vacant suddenly . And I sat next to the seat of the conductor and sat down. I got a nectar like that. I had got life donation I felt the link between life and death at that time. “

Now let’s get back to your purpose. You have to improve your personality, if you are a girl, then it is important to look like a girl.

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(3) Make yourself worthy of that

Believe me, no one can reject you, but make yourself capable enough that no one will never be able to reject you, anyone. It takes time to meet better things. And meets with difficulty. And you stay with them for long after getting it. Then it depends on your experience. If you are more experienced. So you will get better things in less time.

(4). Your smile

Your smile is a very powerful thing. Maybe you do not know. Everyone likes to be happy. Your smile shows your positive attitude in front of any boy.

And shows you attractive. So learn the art of smiling.

(5). Beauty with brain

If you think that you look beautiful, and looser in other important things. And you think it will work, then you are wrong. And your relationship will not last for a long time. If you order something from the online store, its packing was done very well but if you did not get anything from the inside, would you keep it? This is also with you. 

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(6). Your language

How do you talk about How often do you get the attention of people in your language? It all matters. Work on your language and improve your pronunciation.When a well-educated person does a wrong pronunciation, also becomes a part of the laughter.

(7). When to propose

See a perfect opportunity. It is only possible in films that a boy asks a girl for marriage and girl accept it pubplicly and happiness is everywhere. Do not make that mistake, if he\she refuses, then it is going to be very insulting. Wait for the right time and talk to him. Try to meet him alone if he is with his friends and you approach him, very bright chances that after he returns to his friends he will be the part of mockery. 

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 What not to do.

(1). Do not politics of Friend Zone.

 Do not play  Friendzone games. You are safe in this, but whatever you have done with him it crosses the limits of immoral, he has kept many expectations from you. And when expectations break, you know what happen?

 Many of you have seen that the Friend Zone is currently used to make jealous the ex-Boyfriend. Would you approve someone to use yourself without your consent.

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(2). Do not pretend to become more intelligent.

Do not pretend to become more intelligent. Because the more pretentious person becomes the character of laughter. And I think, You do not wish to become this.

How To Get A Boyfriend In College | Get A Boyfriend | How To Get A Boyfriend At 14 | How To Get A Boyfriend In Middle School 6th Grade | ENGLISH

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