How To Get A Girlfriend | How To Get A Girlfriend Fast | How To Get A Lover | Girlfriend Kaise Banaye | English

Girlfriend Kaise Banaye ? |How To Get A Girlfriend | How To Get A Girlfriend Fast | How To Get A Lover |English

It sounds great to hear “girlfriend”, it comes with a great nice feeling (if you are a man, then it is a great joy). And if you are a teenager, then the happiness doubles. Everyone needs a girlfriend. The big hobo is there. A Teenage who is in 7th-8th standard who does not know the table of Four but that patriot needs a girlfriend. His phone will always be overloaded with songs like ” Wrecking Ball”. After School He follows the mermaid which he had chosen for himself, the work of reaching the right way to his house would have been continuously dealing without any interruption, he was hindered from fulfilling his work, his brother, father, relative You will also have a knockout. But after all the obstacles, brother Sahib continued to follow that sage after his house with full devotion as a true patriot. But he never gets the role of Boyfriend.

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There are so many reasons for this, sometimes you get trapped in the Friend Zone. Sometimes she likes someone else. Sometimes, when she keeps you in Friendzone, she will go ahead with someone else. And your nights start to cut off listening to songs of infidelity. And you start troubling Google every day. How to do, What to do? Here I am trying to help you a little.

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                                         What is girlfriend?

Girlfriend is such a familiar female partner with whom a male is involved in physical, romantic, and sexually. Generally, this relationship is of short duration, but according to desire, people change it in other relationships too.


Do not do these things.


(1). Do Not Irritate Her 


You who pursue her every day. Her scooty has not come out from the house that your bike runs automatically, you probably will not feel good that someone is behind you all the time or follows you. We all want freedom We do not want that we are always in bondage, Anybody is noticeing us, or everyone is watching us at all times. The Tolerance power of girls is very strong in these cases. If she does not get completely upset with you, she does not take any action against you, then it is important for you to be sensible that you do not reach that limit. 

(2). Importance more than limit

When someone is given more importance than the limit, then he wants to reach them in those places where he does not get special attention and during this time he reduces attention on you. And your respect begins to end slowly in front of him. This is human nature. This has been proved after studies, so keep in mind  Do not give Someone more importance than its limits. 

(3). Desperateness

Your Desperateness moves you down a notch, your exposure shows him as a big image and you are a little younger than him, as soon as you give him God, God’s status, then you also need to understand that God OrJesus cannot find anyone anywhere in this Kaliyuga.

Some of my things can be exactly the opposite of the known love principles, there are occasional changes in principles according to the places and circumstances.

(4). Make your comparative study.

If you have any competitor, you should do your comparative study. It is possible that

That he is ahead of you in many ways,

 you need to understand that Politics plays an important role in these things. Your policies can also give you success in less or limited resources.

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 (5). Do Not Show Compulsion

Do not show that you are helplessness, and you are dying for her Because no one wants to stay with a compelled person. For example, you get beggars on the public places.You also have pitty for them

You give them 5-10 rupees. But brother, you do not take them to your home. In the same way, if you go and begging to the girls, then you get the beggery of friend-zone and nothing else.

  In fact,your biggest problem is that you live in a hurry, today the you have got a girl , you propose her tomorrow and you start thinking about the names of your children. You can not pay much attention to your karma as you think about its fruit and being happy.



What to do ?


(1). Relax your mind.

  Hold your mind because when you are here. And as you are reading this article, your mind is almost totally busy. You are sure that you really want to get her?

Because it may be that you have to go through big experiences, and a situation comes when you think that  you did not got any value in return for your hard work. 

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(2). Get started.

Both you and he keep thinking about this. Who’s the beginning? So start with a quick start so that you can go ahead and know what is really going on in his life. Which will decide what to do next.

Try to talk her, but do not do this  like that you are trying to forcefully talk to her. It is not that you started talking to her in the first meeting. If you think that it is appropriate  time to talk now and you will not have any adverse effect on your image, then you can talk at that time too. But if you are in a coaching or college, then do not try to get too much solidity in the first meeting.

(3). Maintain Your Standard.

Keep your level because where your level falls, there is a huge loss to your image,

If you talk to him too much for the first time meeting and you think that he is probably not that much keen to listen to your points, then it is certain that you are blurring your image. Because you probably have not got much chance before, and you think that I should show my full talent. Not always, but mostly it proves to be a wrong step.

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(4). Phone number

You are very anxious for the phone number, I can tell you many examples, which could not do too much despite getting the phone number. Try not to ask him a phone number At its place, I can tell you another way. 

You try to get him involved on social media. You can ask her Facebook account, because it sounds a little less uncomfortable instead asking for a number. And from there you can gradually reach the  phon number. Try that you do not ask for  call numbers, either by your side, ask for your number or  she give her call number to you.

(5). First Impression.

The first effect is a long-term effect. The opinion that she makes for you for the first time, it works for a long time. I believe that your first impression will be about what kind of clothes you are wearing and how you look. then start work on your dressing sense.

And how to talk, depends entirely on you. Mainly your language plays an integral role in it. So you have to fix all these things inside yourself.

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(6). Have patience.

Be patient If you are working hard then you will surely get the fruits of it too. that will be according to the proportion of your diligence but you  experience that, How things work.

(7). Social Media

If you do not have girls around. Or in some way, you can not contact them. there are many social media platform that will get you around the world, where now even dating apps are coming in the trend.

You can also try there too. But do not do such things that you fill her inbox with your messages, but she does not respond, but you are still in your devotional devotion, Hello! where are you, how are you, eaten food? Good night and when no reply comes, “I will block you” “when you do not want to friendship, why you accept my request” Do not do this type of messages, by messing with this type of message you spoil your image.

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(8). When to make a proposal.

 You work hard and when there is a green signal from her, you start feeling that you will succeed yourself that yes, now it is the time likely to be done. But there is a lot of work to be done here. Wait for that spot and propose her. I think it should be at least 3 to 4 months after you start chatting with her. There are some people’s problems, That in which language we propose.  English or  Hindi?, for them I would like to say that in any language you do it. But nowadays the English language is more inclined then you can choose English as your language.

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