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How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend To Want You Back | How To Get Ex Girlfriend Back Fast | How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Fast || English                                                     Today, while your lover is surrounded by those friend-zoned Ghost and vampires who makes your life a living hell and also make you unable to sleep for restless in such a way you came to my blog and do with great work of virtue you now go for this value that the ghosts and the vampires who are in friend zone of your lover they will make your breakup and rest of the work make your mistakes and now your job is not going without her and you tried to communicate with her, and you’re almost every try become fail because of her friend-zoned Ghost and vampires and rest of because of your bad fortune.

           After all this shit there are two ideas in your brain first how the revenge from her, you fight with your brain for hours  and that time you think any number of in infidelity song are there all are made for you. and your build castles in the air like “I will ruin her, I will force her to beg for life blah blah blah……” and after sometimes your taking revenge ghost goes down and now you start dying again to get her back and all your castle in the air fade away.OK it is not a incurable disease but also not less than cancer and cancer’s treatment is also very difficult.

                                                                                first of all make sure that the love either from another side or just temporary love because if there is no love from her side the tips and tricks that I am going to tell you is not going to work so make sure she loves you or not so here are some important tips and tricks that you have to apply in your daily routine.

1.Engage yourself in other works

  Engage yourself in more things, so that you can get a little out of this breakup and seems that you have more to do expect her there are so many things to do you can study, learn about new things and anything else that stay you away  from her.

2.Do not try to communicate her

  After the breakup do not try to communicate her if she call you or message you talk frigid do not joke at all and don’t cry like Roadside Romeo and at least do not talk about your breakup do not talk her more than 3 to 4 minute make some excuse and disconnect the call as soon as possible it will be effect our mind that you have a lot of other interesting things.

3.Don’t try to get her back

 Do not try to get her back let the same thing be same if you even try to get her back it is sure that you will not get it and its result will be ever more fatal.

4.Pay attention to yourself

 Because till now you have only pay attention to her Her earrings,Her Lipstic,Her Make up Her outfit blah blah blah……. so now I want you to pay attention to yourself  and the money you spend on her by selling your Kidneys now I want that invest yourself.  Spend on you your groaming but take care of your father’s pocket it is not so important that you lend the money for your 2000 rupees facial. By focusing yourself it is by bringing you confidence back not by making you bankrupt.

5.Second option

  It is controversial but you have to be ready to fill her Emptiness means you have to have a second option always.

             “There is no faith in the circumstances always be ready for  Plan B”


6.Make New Friends

Make new friends remember make girls as friends more than boys this will get you the experience and the other your partner will jealous someone said-

                                             ” Set Fire To Them Who Is Jealous”

7. Give Yourself Time

Give yourself time think of what you mistake might be in this break up because it is cowardice to put all the blame on friend-zoned Ghost and vampires think and fix your mistakes.

8. Learn To Be Happy 

Keep yourself happy and spread your happiness on social media from time to time because people fall in thinking to thinking after seeing your happy that why he is so happy and your ex also got jealous.

9.Social Media

Stay touch of her common friends but do let her know that you your are in their touch so you can reach  your ex.

10.Stay at sight of Her.

She can See you at least once in a week because I had heard in a Bollywood movie-

      “Jo Dikhta Hai Wohi Bikta Hai ”

That’s not mean that you go her Home-side everyday and it seems like you did not see here.And keep in mind that you don’t over act.

11.Finally The Time Comes For Which You Are Working So Hard.


 it can take up to 2 months for even 2 years but as soon as she contacts you don’t talk with a girl without being desperate now the time has come to tell the friend zone boost and Vampire their standard.

And last


                        It does not matter if you are a bad person,

                        if you’re notorious as bad it is not good for you.


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