How To Kiss Your Boyfriend | How To Kiss Your Boyfriend For The First Time | How To Hold Your Boyfriend While Kissing |ENGLISH

How To Kiss Your Boyfriend | How To Kiss Your Boyfriend For The First Time | How To Hold Your Boyfriend While Kissing |ENGLISH 


By reading this title of this article perhaps by now your lady has been will start yawning. and why do not you do this because you are talking about the kiss and because it is India there is a great deal to do it here. If there was a foreign country there would not be such as restriction. That’s why we continue to do such a childish activities, in the most sleepy classrooms of the college, in the toilet, in the garden, behind the temples and many more places where else were not engaged and because of what you cannot do to your partner in public, and because the relationships before the marriage of the men and women are not easily accepted here, then you have very  few opportunities,  to be physical with your partner and there is also a great passion for making your kiss special.

                                                                         you dreams almost all the time that what I will do first when my first kiss. but maybe when your performance time comes all things do not go as expected. because you imagine like films and you have to know their budget is also very expensive and maybe unable to afford so let’s come back to our topic.



 Before Kiss


1. Toothpaste

Before kiss brushing your teeth is very important.because of this, the peace is trapped in your teeth come out and around 70% of the mouth is cleaned. and it also refreshes you and it removes the yellowness of the teeth which gives your boyfriend and attractive look.

2. Mouthwash 

mouthwash is an essential part of cleaning your mouth.this is the most important thing to remove the bad breath inside your mouth and your boyfriend does not know that you have eaten apples gourd gravy before the kiss. and the most important thing it also kills the bacteria inside your mouth, so that you are away from any type of infection.

3. Lipstick/ Lip-balm

you do not have to apply too much dark lipstick. because you will not even want that your boyfriend will be the cause of humour in public. because he have to do a lot of work beside the patriotism.Use light colours so that it can be avoided and after reaching home the poor should not be welcomed with the slipper of his mother.

4. Clean Your Hair

Clean the hair. as you have to open your hair during your kiss. It is the dream of every boy. During the kiss, her partner’s hair will be open. And if the hair will be open then it may be possible that they will Go to his mouth too. So keep your hair clean. So that any kind of dirty smell problem should be encountered later.

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During Kiss


You have to touch the back of  your boyfriend’s head very softly during this time. Then when you feel that  he is doing smoothly now, then you have to cheer his hair. And to start smooching.Do not be  want to be too shy, it spoils the mood of your boyfriend.


This problem is very big one. I have heard from some people that “She did not react when I am doing what she is doing is, sitting quietly.” Do not do it, start slowly but at least start because it feels good to your boyfriend .

3. Aggressiveness

A little aggression is necessary. But it is not so. If you kiss him like, I will eat him raw and leave him poorly. Sister! 😓😓😓 he is a poor guy with family. Do not show such cruelty with that poor person.

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After Kiss 


You can hug as soon as you finish it. So you can tell him how much you want him to be. You can touch your nose or forehead with it. And hold one another it can express your desires to her.


Give them a cute smile once you finish it. Keep in mind,Do not laugh so badly that  that he will afraid of you.

How To Kiss Your Boyfriend | How To Kiss Your Boyfriend For The First Time | How To Hold Your Boyfriend While Kissing |ENGLISH 

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