How To Know That Your Partner(Girlfriend) Is Loyal To You|Is She Loyal?|Signs She Cheated In The Past |ENGLISH

How To Know That Your Partner(Girlfriend) Is Loyal To You|Is She Loyal?|Signs She Cheated In The Past |ENGLISH

In this world, which is already full of  Hypocrisy,deceit,swindle and falsehood unwillingly we believe people.We trust them with our heart and soul. and then we are cheated. Loyalty is one of the most strong foundation of our relationship.If we talk about the surveys on the requirement of singles they want in there future life partner most of them says, they need a partner who is honest, loyal and trustworthy to them.I am worrying to tell you that 25-50 percent of men and 15-30 percent of women are mot trustworthy or loyal to there partner.

                                                                        ‘LOVE’ is holy word but today some of the people for money,sex and sometimes to fulfill there vested interest they defaming it.Most of the time that type of people escaped easily and who becomes the victim of it suffers mental and physical pain and some time he commit suicide. So come to the point it is a burning need of a strong relationship that the partner is loyal.

            So here in this blog we try to explain that how to know that your partner(Girlfriend) is loyal to you

1.Set Your Definition About Loyalty

First of all give yourself some minutes and consider that what is the meaning of loyalty for you? and second what kind of loyalty you want from her? Believe me it is not easy to set your parameters on loyalty.And most of the time it is not what it seems like.So before blaming someone,think twice. 

2.Behave In Public Area 

Check your partner’s behave in public. Is she allowing you to touch her or not? After your touch she motivates you or feels irritate because of your touch? yeah! ok sometimes she could be shy but not  after a long time(1-2 month) . if she denies after and after you have to be alert because it also a sign of cheating.

3.Sudden Distances

 ‘I am busy’. if she says it all the time and ignores you most of the time and maintains a big distance then its time to worry that your relationship is not running well.

 4.The Fucking Phone 

Many of the researches conducted on how your smartphone is making your relationship complicated and result shows how true it is.let’s come to the point ask your girlfriend for her FB,Messenger and social platforms password.if she denies, congratulations! you have one more clue


 5.The Bloody Call Waiting

Buy one get one free! Your girlfriend is busy with another one for unlimited time. and tells you that she is talking with Tina ,Meena,Shalini …….Hema Malini  whatever the fuck her name. but she is with her second option bro ! yeah you are the first one. Congratulation! you are cheated

6.Mid-Night Friends

You call her at 11:30 PM and the tune you got is “The person you trying to reach is busy with someone else please hold on or call later”  oh no! you call her one more time and the same thing repeated once again your reaction is like Hindi Film Nagina’s actress Shridevi’s starring eyes. after some minutes a massage comes in your inbox  ” Babu I’m talking to  Piya, are you suspecting me? i don’t think you are like other boyfriends”  now you are unspeakable you can not say anything. That called emotional blackmail.if your are facing that type of complications,you have to worry that you are a victim of her smooth  fudge.

7.Deny machine 

Everything you ask her she answered ‘NO’. You want to meet her and she tell you that she don’t have time okay sometimes people don’t have time because of busy schedule but not every time.Try another day another time if the answer is same than its also a sign that your girlfriend is not loyal to you.

8.The Drama Queen

She talks you innocently like I don’t deserve you, i am the worst girl in the world,i ruin your life i am the fucking shit i am.. i am… etc. now you are not able to speak something you think she is so innocent. you are the real villain but the real fact is she is doing dirty politics to you. and you will be the victim of this.

9.Hide You From Her Family 

Once she decide to separate or deprive you.She start hiding you from her family and start avoiding you.

 10. Is She Still Spend Money For You

Is she still spending money on you like old days or she is avoiding to spend on you. it also a sign that she is not loyal to you.

If you are you are still confused i am telling you one more time ,

   “The Girl You Cherish Like Almighty God.

Believe me ….

No One Can Find God In Kali Yuga”


I hope this article help you to find out the truth about the loyalty of your Girlfriend

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