How To Make Your Ex Miss You On Instagram | Love Advice For Guys | How To Stop Being Insecure In A Relationship | English

How To Make Your Ex Miss You On Instagram | Love Advice For Guys | How To Stop Being Insecure In A Relationship |  English


  After the breakup, a problem takes on a very rough form. You both start to compete. Both of you are competing in how to feel jealous of each other. They find new ways for this. Sometimes,  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it seems that these are only for such colorful programs. Night and day are thought to be how to burn boyfriends. And you too do not work less greatness, You Highness, You also LIKE her post.


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You keep showing your loyalty because you can’t do anything except this. But your ex’s attitude is totally opposite. Almost every post of her, whether is a status of WhatsApp or a Facebook post or a Twitter tweet is indirectly in his post everywhere, You will be shown as a villain, which makes the general public unhappy. And very soon you need to be killed for the public interest.The Facebook status one of my friends, who had a breakup after a long relationship was like this.

                                                   “Don’t Be Like Cigarette,

                                                                  Be Like Cocaine.”    

I did not understand anything. When I took information from them, it came to know that his intention was that –

“Do not make cheap addiction that everyone can get you easily,Become an expensive addiction that everybody can’t afford easily and got agonize in its absence.”  There were very awful thoughts. After knowing deeply later, it came to know that the reason behind her being a philosopher was her breakup. After a few years, She had a breakup ,after doing many living/death promises.Her boyfriend was making every possible effort to convince her. But he was not very successful in their intention.

Now when you see such a post and because they are women, seeing dozens of LIKES on their post, a sense of insecurity arises in your mind. Today, first of all,We learn to deal with this insecurity. 

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                                  What Is The Feeling Of Insecurity


“Which impulse caused by the inability of intellect, knowledge, and self-confidence, which temporarily neglects your brain, is called the impulse of insecurity.”

In it, you are afraid that if a person take your position, what will to you? . You Think Almost All the time about that , somtimes you suffer from dippression beacuse of it.

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                                   How to deal with the insecurity?

(1). Do not let it dominate.

Do not let it dominate you. You do not have to worry. This perfection is natural, it can happen to anyone. Such is the nature of man. Because if you let it dominate you, then its consequences can be fatal. You may become depressed. 

You may be victims of many other mental problems. So try that you do not take it so seriously.

 (2). Multiply Your knowledge.

The sense of insecurity is born in the absence of your brain (brain) and lack of knowledge. It can be a quantity of this diagnosis. More about unlimited knowledge of Because when you have enough knowledge or If you have knowledge then you will not have to deal with such problems.

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Now come to the problems after your breakup. Immediately after the breakup, she becomes a feminist, The men, who She used to take God’s angels, Shaktiman, Superman, Batman, etc., so far They are converted into dogs, swine or any of the abominable animals. The Posts of her social media sometimes puts you in the vicinity of insecurity. And perhaps you may have seen that day when they cause your anger. Let’s learn how to deal with this problem.

(1). Give less time on social media.

Reduce the time limit on social media slightly and ask yourself what? You are sitting so extravagant That you are thinking about her rubbish post which does not benefit your money, Overnight night, you are thinking about the answers. Are you devastating that repeatedly refreshing the same page and reading the same post again and again? Do not you have any better work to support your broken heart? And ask if you really are doing this right? And if your conscience tells you this work right then you do it even further. Do it because you are not so a green horn that you belive my words with close eyes.

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 (2). Focus on your well-being.

Work for your improvement. Let’s go for an example, if you go to choose a smartphone and on the other hand, there are smartphones with a lot of low features in 2014 and on the one side of the 2019 latest features are given the option of smartphones, which side will you go?

Most people will go for the 2019’s phones as they keep the latest features. And the smartphones of 2014 are better in many ways. Good thing everyone likes. So you become better. 

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3). Do not React.

It is possible. That your feeling of insecurity may get reactive from you many times. But I would advise you that you do not have any or any kind of reaction on it.

 Yes, if you would like to, you can comment on any such post(Not Her) whose notification goes to his feed. From which he felt that his vomiting did not have any effect on you.

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 Yes sir! Please do not distribute the LIKE of the unnecessary as you do, because of that you have kept the shackles of devotion for. But in front of her, your image is growing in the form of a sticky people or a useless fellow. It’s good, that how quickly you understand it.

How To Make Your Ex Miss You On Instagram | Love Advice For Guys | How To Stop Being Insecure In A Relationship |  English


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