Is It Good To Suicide In Love? | Love Failure | Love Failure Recovery Tips |Est-ce bon de se suicider amoureux?

Is It Good To Suicide In Love? |Love Failure | Love Failure Recovery Tips | Suicide |Est-ce bon de se suicider amoureux?

Today we talk about a very sensitive issue. You and I have heard this many time. That many of the people around us ever gave up life because of frustration in love affairs or tried to harm ourselves. Whatever the reason, people continue to harm themselves in different ways. It starts with you , you gave someone the right to control yourself without any hesitation. And then when the time changes And its ambition increases. and time passes and you’ll not remain as important for him as before.

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At such times you feel cheated yourself. And think. That’s why it happened to you. And this thing has such a strong effect on your mental state. That your mental power has almost become impaired. And you can not make any right decisions. You start to be completely separated from society, and want that no one  disturb you anymore. Let’s learn why there are such problems-

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The main reason for such a situation

  First reason:

There is a reason i that you can’t get married to your partner, due to the problem of caste, with whom you have a relationship with.

Second Major Reason:

  After spending 1-2 years, you have become so habituated of your partner. That  when your partner is away from you. So you just got eager to do anything to get him/her back. This thing forces him/her to think that when he/she is doing so hard to get me back. Then there will be something in me too And when I have such a special thing, why should I stay with it? Why not i go for better than this?

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Your partner has gone ahead, but you are still there right there. You are surrounded by feelings of insecurity and irritation. And then two thoughts comes in your brain the first one of taking revenge  and the  second one is to commit suicide. In which, if you are mentally stronger. then you choose ‘revenge’ otherwise you prefer suicide. In my opinion, both of them are wrong.

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What to do ?

(1). Stay busy.

Keep yourself busy. Because as much as you remain free, your attention will be drawn to those things. And if your attention drawn then you will not get concentrated and your every work will get worse.

If you are facing a breakup and if this is the first time, then it will take 2 -3 years for you to deal with it. You will think about your breakup all the time, bathing, reading or doing anything. Try as much as you can, stay busy.

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2). The correct use of the brain

Just think

“When you are hurt,  and you are facing unbearable pain, do you care for him or do you flee from him? This is  also exactly the same, some has hurt you, will you heal or suicide?”

Now decide what you have to do.

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(3). Work on yourself.

When such thoughts are flourishing inside you. Then you need to work on yourself. there is a need to work better and better.

 by whom increase the confidence of you. And you can avoid the negative thoughts.

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What Not To Do?

(1). Do not wake up for more time in the night.

  I’m probably telling you that you are busy. So that you get tired for the night and sleep at time. Because the time of the night is a very sensitive time. At this time you are in a different world, and sometimes you take wrong decisions.

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(2). Do Not Think Of Taking Revenge

Do not think of taking revenge from Him/Her because this is only a waste of precious your time. After taking a revenge from him/her, you will achieve only a small amount of satisfaction, and which will be for a very short period. And after that you will be regretting your actions.

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                 The Effect Of This Step (Suicide) On Your Parents

Your step for your parents is like a shock. If someone has deposited all the hard earned money in one place as a treasure, And where he has found that money after doing all his hard work and a lot of rewards, he has gathered the money by strangling all his desires and when He knows that someone has stolen the money, and that money will never get back, then tell me how he feels. You leave your difficulties behind and commit suicide. But what they do now?  They  dedicate their body,mind and their all, to you.  First they brought you into this world, and after fulfilling their they duties they full-fill your every obstinacy as their duty.

They leave behind their talents and goals for you. And one day you decide that you can not live any more in this world. And it is surprising that you do not even think of taking opinion from them, in such a big decision.

Is It Good To Suicide In Love? |Love Failure | Love Failure Recovery Tips | Suicide |Est-ce bon de se suicider amoureux?

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