Love Marriage | How to do Love Marriage | How To Do Love Marriage In India

Love Marriage | How to do Love Marriage | How To Do Love Marriage In India

So you have to get married Because now nothing else has left. You have fallen in love, now you want to get married. And your family is not ready for this. Because you might be stuck in the drama of inter cast marriage. And your father is also a full type of Amrish Puri ( Indian movie villain. An idea comes to your brain why not i leave my house and get married. You start day dreaming , “Both of us will live happily alone” You keep this proposal before your girlfriend. After a little argument, even she also considers your point

                                                        But did you think what could happen after both of you ran away? A sentence I see in front of my eyes, I share with you. It was only a few years ago.. One of my family members was working in a primary school. The same case was followed by a man and woman who fled from home with the consent of each other, after when the case turned out to be legal and the male party was tortured. The father, who was abused with his mother, was brutally assassinated.Locations were detected using the debit card and then they were recovered. The woman might have been pressured and she was told that she was forced to flee. And the men are still holding imprisonment.

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                 What to do when your partner asks for leave house and get married?

(1). Think.

Think! Is it fair to do this? Is this the only solution? Have other  possibilities gone? Can you trust such a person with whom you are going? Think and believe that on the basis of which you are running, if one time he does not accompany you, then are you so capable that you can feed yourself? Because it happens so many times.

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(2). Ask for protection.

Tell him to guarantee that in any situation if he leaves you. Or that thing because of which he is with you today. In such a situation, how will he feed himself? He must guarantee for that situation. Then see your partner’s reaction to what he does.And do not be happy with mere promises. Actually think of what you can do if everything does not suit you.

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(3). Make A Decision.

This is a very big step. Take a lot of thinking about it, which will make a big difference on both your family and your partner. Try to avoid such activities, and take such steps in the very opposite circumstances.And firstly go to the police and handle this issue in a legal way.

                                    What is legal provision? 

                                  Special marriage act, 1954

In India, an Act was enacted in 1954, which became known as the Special Marriage Act, 1954. , Whose main points are given below.

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Human right

In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in 1948, marriage has been given a human rights status.

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Certain important provisions related to the Act

(1). Buddhists, Jain’s, Sikhs, Christians and Muslims, can Merry under Special Marriage Act.

(2). According to this act, people associated with two different castes can be legally spouse.

(3). Special Marriage Act is applicable to every state of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

(4). No party, of married couple by special marriages act can  petition for divorce in court, before the end of 1 year.

(5). According to the Special Marriage Act of 1954, the man who has completed the age of 21 years and the woman who has completed the age of 18, can choose a life partner according to his wishes and can get married.

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How is court marriage done?

Court Marriage takes place in a few steps. Which are as follows –

(1). Let the marriage officer of your district be given written notice for your marriage.

(2). Before the date of the notice, they should be resided for a period of one month in that district.

(3). On the day of marriage, both the parties and the three witnesses who will sign the declaration of their marriage in the presence of the marriage officer, and the marriage officer will also sign the declaration.

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(4). The marriage will be held , the marriage officer’s office or any place can be appointed, the marriage officers will be sure.

When the Constitution has made such a lot of provision for you, I do not think that you would like to take such a childish step. Nobody can stop you from marrying without your consent, people take such steps in the absence of knowledge, which many times their families have to pay for their abrasiveness. If I could change any of the decisions you made. So my intention of this article is complete.

Love Marriage | How to do Love Marriage | How To Do Love Marriage In India

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