#Metoo | metoo meaning | metoo movement

#Metoo | metoo meaning | metoo movement               First of all want to say that i am not the supreme Power. now days whatever the #MeToo Movement is going on from my perspective i do not consider it completely right.whether it is from a women or from men’s side .now if i support women with my full devotion it will be injustice to men.The culprits must be punished.but there point “Why do not you say so far” You must also keep an accurate answer for this .if 3-4 years ago you did not say anything because of fear and shame so what happened suddenly after 3-4 years ,that your fear and shame ended all at once. Now maybe your this argument go to work that you are alone that time and now you have got a big public support that because of your fear ends.Than the difference between you and the mob lynchers is the same as thread.

The only thing i want to say is that if you blame someone ,think about it and apply with the evidence ,because if you do not win this holy war you lose will discourage millions of women.and your habit of tolerating it like this will continue to victimize you to harassment every time. at last i want want to say that this our duty or maybe we can only do it that We must stop this platform from becoming a way of publicity and maintain this platform to strengthen the voice of oppressed women. 



#Metoo | metoo meaning | metoo movement

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