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it is a question of billions.break-up is a horrible word for any one whether its is boy or girl.being separated can make any one dip-pressed someone who is separated from the partner knows the real pain of break-up.A boy and a girl meets,understands each other(sometimes its not happen),exchanges the cell numbers ,they talk crazily day and night and after one or two times of sex they make each other the fictional mother father of shivi,tina,mina ,sunaina or whatever the fu*king name she decides and both of you are happy and suddenly the things get worse.and you think what is going to be. and one day.and one day the two words comes “Its Over”.  

                                                                                                         The surveys conducted on ”How many people breakup in their first year”. the result was shocking it shows the 70% people breakup during the first year of their relationship.but there is no evidence,why it happens?Here i am telling you ‘Why People Break-up’.

1.The Lie

Every relationship which  starts with lie’ll break one day. if you have ever lied to your partner confess it and tell him quickly without hesitation believe me you will have to tell more lies to hide a lie.so stop it now and start a new life.

2.If The Fear Of One Another  Other Ends

its a fact that you’ll not accept it easily but loosing each other’s fear is the only reason who protects your relationship.if this fear ends your relationship becomes worse than ever.this fear can be any kind of your quality he/she likes  like your beauty,intelligence,Your Eloquence whatever he/she don’t wanna  loose. in Ramcharitmansa Tulsi Das tells us about this –

                                       विनय न मानत जलधि जड़ गए तीनि दिन बीति।

                                          बोले राम सकोप तब भय बिनु होये न प्रीती।।



In sundarkand shree Ram is demands the way through the sea but the crass ocean ignores the prayer of shree Ram comes in anger and says there can be no friendship without inspiring fear.So i suggest you to maintain your fear in him/her.

3.Terms And Conditions

it is a bitter truth but every relationship is based on their own terms and condition like if want to make a call we need networks in our phone just like if we want a healthy relationship you have to do such thing on which your relationship lies or you do Pre Relationship. if you are not doing that type of things your partner feels fudged.it is also a a cause of breakup .Prevent your relationship from danger zone by avoiding these things.

4.The Insecurity

Insecurity is the root of all evil .it fixes the last nail in the coffin of you healthy delightful  relationship’s dead end . in most of the cases if a boy or girl a talking and chilling out with an opposite sex ,there partner suffers with with insecurity they think their partner is betraying them sometimes it turns out into a big debate between them. and most of times it destroys the relation ships.

5.The Over Temptation

 Sometimes being more tempted to your partner feels him/her more choosy.No! i know you are right in your intention but she did not understand it’ll take it wrong.your keep once guard habit makes her more choosy and she/he continues talking the guy/girl that you do not like. you becomes angry and talk badly to her.and here is shloka for your anger in Shreemadbhagvadgeeta –

                              क्रोधाभावति सम्मोह: सम्मोहास्मृतिविभ्रम:  

                                 स्मृतिभ्रंशाद बुद्धिनाशो बुद्धिनासत्प्रणश्यति।  

                                                                                       श्रीमदभगवदगीता,अध्याय २ ,श्लोक६३ 

                                                                                       Shrimadbhagvadgita ,chapter 2,shloka 63

Lord krishna says Anger generates delusion bewilderment of memory. as soon as the memory bewildered wisdom is lost and when the wisdom is lost human’s Apocalypse is sured. 

6. The Human Nature 

It is said Human nature is agile it is very fond of charming things and every human wants their life perfect so fir there ambitions they switch one to another.

7.Old Things

as soon as he/she accepts you proposal you stop doing such things that made him/her feel special.so she /he thinks that she/he is fudged and he/she waits for a long time to get what he/she deserve but you do not care about it.and one day he/she decide to leave you.

8.You will Not Understand

It is a matter of irritating to anyone. if he does not understand or he can not understand ,than why you are in the relationship with him, to harsh him? .mainly three lines irritates anyone.

                                    1.You will not understand.

                                    2.You are a boy/girl you can’t.

                                    3.You will not.

if you irritates your partner doing such things than you have to worry.

9.The Time Passes And The Truth Comes Out

Initially, he /she knows less about you and your everything is fine.and time passes your partner seems to know about you good or bad . as soon as one year is completed he knows almost everything about you. and now your demerits troubled him/her .and this is the start to get riding from you.

In the end i want to say,

                                             ” Balance is essential 

                                                    if  you  laugh  

                                              You’ve to cry Equal” .

                                                                                  – Aditya Roy 

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